So, I’m back and ready to report about our Florida and Caribbean holiday! And it did turn into quite a holiday because we were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when Hurricane Irma was smashing along the Carribean islands and then up through Florida so our 7 night cruise got turned into a 10 night cruise! 

I really have to give Royal Caribbean props on how they handled this entire situation. I read horror stories of other cruiseline passengers being dropped off early before Irma hit and had to scramble to try to find a way out. RC decided it was best to keep us safely out at sea out of harms way while we waited for Irma to pass. The communication was amazing and the Captain constantly gave us updates and broadcasted videos on our stateroom tv’s showing where we were in relation to where Irma was along with timelines of where we were each headed next. We were not charged for additional days at sea and they even offered 50% discounts on things like alcoholic drinks (yeah, we needed those!), specialty dining, wifi packages, and even laundry for the 3 additional days we were at sea. 

Another bonus was we got extra time in Cozumel (2 days instead of one) and an extra port added so we also got to visit Costa Maya which wasn’t on our original itinerary. And to top it all off, we even received the most surprising offer of all via email once we made it back to Florida. Royal Caribbean reached out to all passengers offering assistance with transporting us to an area with greater flight and/or hotel availability. (We didn’t need to since our rescheduled flight left Orlando the same day we docked). Now that is outstanding customer service! I can, without a doubt, highly recommend this cruiseline. So for anyone who may be considering cruising, I suggest you give Royal Caribbean a try.

Okay, now onto the actual fun stuff! I think in order to not make one huge post I am going to break it up into a few different ones. So since we are already discussing the cruise itself, let’s look at some of the amazing things the Oasis of the Seas had to offer. And since we all know a picture is worth a thousand words I am just going to show you how amazing it was…

View from our Balcony overlooking the Boardwalk (& yes, that is ziplining overhead):

Restaurants: There are 3 main dining rooms, several specialty restaurants, quick service cafes, pizza & hot dog joints, large buffet restaurant, etc. So there are plenty of dining options onboard, even a Starbucks at sea for any of you die hard fans.

Bars and Nightclubs: There are so many places to go at night all with different vibes and themes (dance, jazz, pubs, sports bar, etc) so there really is something for everyone.

Entertainment: Live theatre, ice skating, comedy club, game shows and contests, karaoke, casino, swimming pools and hot tubs, a carousel, basketball courts, mini putt, even a surf simulator!

So, as you can see, the ship is amazing! We had such a fun time and can’t wait to cruise again. My next post I will discuss some of the fun we had in Orlando before we got on the cruise ship and show you some of the yummy treats we had along the way. Then I will get back to sharing some more recipes.

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