Variety Box

Is an assortment of our daily flavours
(may include feature flavours).

Basic Box

If you are more of a traditionalist then this is the box for you. A mixture of our 4 basic chocolate & vanilla flavours – Susie’s Classic, Death by Chocolate, Black & White and Birthday Cake.

Chocolate Lovers

Contains Death by Chocolate, Black & White, Peanut Butter Cup, Peppermint Patty, Caramelita, and Snowball.

Vanilla Lovers

Contains Susie’s Classic, Lemon Coconut, Razz-berry, Cookies & Cream, Lemon Zinger and Dulce de Leche

Birthday Box Upgrade

Add a “Happy Birthday” sugar topper & birthday candles to your cupcakes.

Off the Menu

If you would like a specific flavour from our full menu that is not on our Daily Menu or is not a Feature Flavour that week, there is a minimum order of one dozen of that flavour and we require at least 3 days notice. Seasonal flavours are only available to order in their season. This offer is subject to availability as we cannot always source certain items at certain times. Please call to check availability.

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